Tours and camps


Bremen (DE)

Our partner hotels are situated in or near Bremen. One hotel is located in central Bremen, one hotel in Stuhr (15 minutes drive from Bremen). From the Stuhr hotel you will have just a 10 minutes drive to reach excellent training pitches.

Berlin (DE)

Our partner hotel is located in West Berlin, approx 15 minutes from the Olympic Stadium and Hertha BSC training ground. The next Underground is 300m away. An underground ride to central Berlin takes 20 minutes.

Porto (PT)

The hotel is located 30 minutes from Porto and Braga, directly on the Atlantic Ocean. Vigo is 2 hours away, Lisbon 3-4 hours. Portugal offers good training conditions în early spring and autumn.

Liverpool (GB)

Our partner hotel is located in Leigh, a small town between Manchester and Liverpool. You can reach the football academies in the North West easily via the motorway. The hotel is based in a business park with supermarkets and restaurants nearby.

London (GB)

Our partner hotel is located in North London, not far from the motorway, the fastest way to the football academies in London and the Midlands. The nearest Underground station is a 10 minutes walk from the hotel. A Underground ride to central London takes 20 minutes.